Craft Club for Handmade Business Owners


Title image for the handmade business resource library

Our Resource Library

With an ever growing resource library of printables, tutorials, videos and written content, this is an amazing resouce to help handmade business owners excel on their business building journey.

Peek inside the library in the video above.

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Our Private Community

One of the things we never want Growing Handmade family members to feel is alone.  Building a warm, welcoming and friendly community is an aspect of the membership that we feel is vitally important.

Our community is currently based on Facebook.

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Our Calendar of Events

With two online selling events a month, a weekly kick-start call, and monthly planning and reviewing sessions, it’s important that we all know what’s going on when. 

Our events calendar helps us keep on track.

Weekly Check In Call Title Image
Our Kick-Start Calls

Every Monday at 12.30pm, we have our weekly Kick-Start call.  Held in our private Facebook group, the aim of these calls is to connect with members, motivate, discuss upcoming events, and gain clarity for the week ahead.

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Our Private Member Portals

 of Including a private portal for each and every member allows us to interact and connect with our membership on a far greater level than ever before.

The private portals are used in three ways.

  • As a space for useful information and resources to be added for individuals rather than relying on emails or messenger.
  • As a way for us to keep updated with what you are working on and your particularly stage of the business business journey.
  • To hold you accountable and focused, knowing someone will be checking in with you after receiving your question answers.

Private portals are usually set up within 2 to 3 days of joining.  A private Google docs file is also allocate to each member within their portal for transferring documents, images, and videos etc. 

For more information about the private portals, please refer to the video above. 


Planning Reviews Title Image
Monthly Planning Sessions

We know that there are many handmade business owners that feel overwhelmed, confused, and uncertain about what to be doing and when.  With this is mind, we offer a monthly planning session held on the 14th of every month, and a monthly review session held on the last day of every month.  We want our members to feel confident, organised, and fully in control as they travel along their business building journey with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the membership?

The membership is made up of 3 primary pieces.  Education, Community, and Visibility.

Education is offered in the form of both the resource library and group sessions.  With regular live video chats, printables, and mini-challenges, there is always something going on to get involved in.

Community is provided in the form of our safe place – the private Facebook group.  Here you can ask for advice, connect with like-minded business owners, receive additional support when needed, and just generally feel as if you are part of a warm and welcoming – drama-free – community.

Visibility is offered through social media shout-outs, a listing in the member’s directory here on the website, invitations to take part in events, the chance to feature in gift guides, and Meet the Maker opportunities.


Is it a guided membership or a self-paced one?

It’s a mix!

For those of us that are time-poor – the membership resources can be worked through at your own pace and fitted into your own schedule.

For those that like a bit of a nudge to keep motivated, the membership offers mini-challenges, accountability threads, planning and review sessions, and encouragement to keep on heading in the right direction with your business.

How often can we speak to the membership owner?

Every day!  Well, pretty much, health and family life-permitting.

I (Jules) am always around, and can often be found doing a spontaneous live video chat in the members’ group, and will be posting encouragement and checking in to see what everyone is up to.  The membership is super important to me – it’s my passion – so I’m actively involved every day and want to offer the best value possible to the members – even for such a small monthly fee!

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