The handmade business club for crafters, creatives, makers and bakers,

We know that this handmade small business building malarkey can feel hard.  

And we know, as crafters, we really just want to make beautiful things!

The main struggles that we hear about from handmade small business owners include the difficulty in getting their businesses seen, the feeling of loneliness and being unsupported, and getting overwhelmed with all the different tasks we have to juggle..

We hear you!

The Growing Handmade business club can help you to grow your handmade business and make more sales.

And here’s how…

By offering a membership club that shares, supports, and shouts about your business.

Handmade Business Club - Growing Handmade

Members receive:

  • Various advertising opportunities – including free video shout outs and social media shares.
  • Invites to handmade online shopping events.
  • A listing in our members directory.
  • Access to our private handmade family community.
  • Products featured in our gift guides.
  • Meet the Maker interview opportunities.
  • Workalong focus sessions.
  • Specialist guest speakers.
  • Access to an ever growing resource library.

And whatever else we can come up with to help YOU.

For £5 a month (yes, £5 A MONTH!)

When you join the Growing Handmade Business Club, you get both a wide variety of advertising opportunities AND support – meaning that you don’t feel like you are doing this business building stuff alone.  The handmade business club community is filled with like-minded business owners just waiting to welcome you in, and the resource library is ever growing with printable files and helpful information to encourage business growth.

Handmade Business Club - Daily Tip

Inside the handmade business club’s private community:

  • Monday Kick-Starts – Get off to a great week with our weekly motivation live chats.
  • Workalong Sessions – An hour of focus on your business time, on screen working alongside others online.  Like working with colleagues in your own home!  You DON’T have to show your face!
  • Monthly planning sessions – On the 14th of ever month we get together online and discuss our plans and ideas for the following month.
  • Monthly review sessions – These take place on the last day of every month.

Plus general chats, brainstorming sessions, website and Etsy shop audit reviews, and more!  Replays are always available for those that can’t make the live chats.

Growing Handmade Club Founder, Jules - with Purple hair

Hey there,

I’m Jules.

Simple-living wannabe, rose-tinted glasses wearer, lover of rainbows, true crime shows, mindset masterclasses, and chocolate.

I’m a wife of one but mama to many.  I live in the midst of the beautiful Devon countryside, with my husband, 4 of my 6 children, and a flurry of furry and feathered friends.  I have been part of the crafting community for over 30 years, and a handmade business owner for over 20 of those years.

My mission is to support others, build lost confidences, lift up downed spirits, and provide you with the tools you need to go out into the world and create awesome.

The aim of the Growing Handmade Business Club is to create the most comprehensive, high value but affordable resource for handmade business owners online.

Not ready to join us just yet?  Sign up for small business tips and general crafty natter instead.

Your self belief your confidence and your business. 2
Copy of Your self belief your confidence and your business. 2
Copy of Copy of Your self belief your confidence and your business. 3
Copy of Copy of Your self belief your confidence and your business. 4

We pride ourselves on offering the best community support available.  With weekly group work-alongs and accountability sessions, along with monthly challenges, focus topics, online shopping events and goal setting meetings, you won’t be struggling for motivation or find handmade business building a lonely road to tread any more.

Have a question?  Just ask!

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