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Hello awesome maker,

is your business all you thought it would be right now?

Or are you feeling frustrated?  Struggling?  Overwhelmed?

About to give up on your handmade business dream?

You are not alone

Handmade business building is hard.  

It takes time.  It takes patience.

But as a crafter, we just want to make beautiful things!

Often we don’t know what we should be doing to market and sell our wares and it all becomes overwhelming and exhausting – just when do we have the time to make our stuff?!

Introducing the Growing Handmade Membership Club

A private but welcoming and friendly online community, created to support and connect like-minded people who wish to turn their crafting passion into a business that nourishes their soul and brings in extra income for their families. 

Inside the membership you will find training, advice, and support in abundance to make this all encompassing business building easier and less overwhelming.

It’s all the support and guidance that I wish I had been given at the beginning of my own journey,
to take the years of struggle away.

Think of it as like having a cheerleading business coach in your pocket for a tiny fraction of the cost.

Let me welcome you in and get the benefit of my resources, support and community straight away.

*Paid monthly at £9.99 per month – cancel anytime

NEW FOR 2021

The Website Build and Membership Combination

You spoke, I listened.

I take all the stress out of the initial set-up and design dilemmas, leaving you more time for product creation, marketing, learning and you time!

A 5 page website set up for you.

(see site design at

Customised with your own colours, photos, and wording, PLUS 90 days access to the Growing Handmade Academy.

Introductory Offer:  £100.00

(Additional website hosting company fee of £1.20 per month for the first year, rising to around £8 per month thereafter)

Want business help, handmade natterings, and general niceness in your inbox?

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Facebook Page or Facebook Group?

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Let’s talk Self-Employment

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Online market nights

Online market nights

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5 Tips for a Better Daily Focus

5 Tips for a Better Daily Focus

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Harming your business?

Harming your business?

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Pricing Handmade

Pricing Handmade

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