Handmade Business Help and Advice


Join our family of crafters, creatives, makers and bakers,
all with the desire to start and grow a handmade business
in an ethical, soul-led, authentic way.


Your direction and business vision.


Get yourself and your business out there.


With like-minded passion driven souls.


A business you are totally in love with.

You are a crafter – an awesome creative – but you also wear another hat – the hat of a handmade business owner.
And that doesn’t always come easy

Does this sound familiar?

You just aren't gaining the consistent sales you want or even need

You lack self-belief and confidence which is really holding you back

You feel as though your business is almost invisible and you are not being seen

Join the club!

Mock up of website on a laptop, mobile phone and tablet

The Growing Handmade Membership Club is for handmade business owners who are ready to up their business game and take action towards:

– Growing in confidence

– Gaining new skills

– Creating consistent sales

– And turning their hobby into a sustainable business.

The club is filled with training resources that will help you to learn all you need to know to become a profitable handmade business owner.

But not just that – the membership also provides a thriving community and on-hand help and support, along with gentle bum-kicks, accountability, and friendship.

When you have the right knowledge, skills, tools and support network around you, you can really start to focus on your goals, grow in confidence, and make more sales – turning your current expensive hobby into a potentially thriving handmade business.

So what’s Included?

handmade Business Resource Library


Access to an ever growing library of content, covering a variety of topics including marketing handmade, websites, photography, and mindset.

Handmade Business Printables


Member’s can request a free video review of their website, Etsy shop, or social media pages.  Audits are recorded and added to your private library area.

Handmade Business Community


With a private Facebook group for members run alongside a private community hub, connecting with fellow handmade business owners has never been easier.

Workshops for handmade Business Owners


Advice is just a message away, and the membership includes weekly live video sessions comprising of community chats, workalongs, and teaching workshops.

Daily Networking for Handmade Business Owners


Daily networking threads are added to the member’s Facebook group each morning giving everyone a chance to breathe life into their social media pages.

Reviews and Target Setting for handmade business owners


Target setting, reviewing and keeping on track is an important part of business ownership – now you can do it as you chat along with friends!

Handmade Business Directory


Every Growing Handmade member is offered a FREE directory listing here on the website, with links to your websites, shops, and social media platforms.

Handmade Business member of the Month


Our new member of the month competition gives you the chance to win prizes including shout-outs, blog features, and a little gift through the post.

Does this sound like something you need as a handmade business owner?

“I highly recommend the membership.

Jules the owner is very special, she has helped me get my handmade business off the ground, helped with anything that I didn’t understand, and is always an inbox away, she also gives you a kick up the bum when needed

Absolutely worth every penny , you won’t find a better membership, or a better owner.”

– Lydia, Owner of Design A Bear

“I’ve been running my own business now for the last 3 years, and yet some of the struggles I experienced in year 1 I still haven’t overcome.

Not really knowing anyone else who runs a business like mine can be quite lonely, daunting and frustrating – nobody to share problems with, ask advice or just generally rant to about the perils of being self-employed.

Enter Jules and The Growing Handmade Membership.

Honestly the best money I’ve ever invested in my business.  Jules helps me see things in a way I’ve never looked at them before. The way she makes me evaluate my business, my routines, what works, what doesn’t work and what I need to do to reach my goals has been absolutely invaluable to me.

I’ve come on leaps and bounds since joining the membership and I can’t thank her enough for all the support and resources she provides.  Not only that, but the other members of the club are amazing too.   A community of people going through exactly the same things that I’m going through who can offer advice, constructive criticism, inspiration and a shoulder to cry on when needed.

For as long as Growing Handmade is open, there’ll be a seat at the table with my name on it.”

– Kimberley, Owner of Hiko Scented Wax

Ready to make some changes?

Are you a crafter that loves to make and would love to gain some sort of income from your hobby?

I’m guessing that like me, you have a vision – a dream – of making money from your work and living your life on your own terms.

Your creative spirit needs nurturing and you long for the freedom that working for yourself provides.

You need to bring in some pennies – be it a bit extra so you can treat your children to a day out, a family holiday, or  a consistent income to simply help pay the bills and put food on the table.

But you are definitely not a business person and you hate everything about traditional pushy sales and marketing techniques. You find putting yourself out there hard.

You are determined to have a handmade business, but want to do it your way – ethically and authentically – money isn’t your soul driving force.

You feel a bit of a business misfit and want to feel connected and supported – you know that it will be a struggle and a lonely journey on your own, and would love to be surrounded with like-minded souls.

Is this you?

(No commitment, you can cancel at any time)

Want handmade business help, handmade natterings, and general niceness in your inbox?

Frequently Asked Questions

As a member, what do I get?

The membership is made up of 3 primary pieces.  Education, Community, and Visibility.

Education is offered in the form of both the resource library and group sessions.  With regular live video chats, printables, and mini-challenges, there is always something going on to get involved in.

Community is provided in the form of our safe place – the private Facebook group.  Here you can ask for advice, connect with like-minded business owners, receive additional support when needed, and just generally feel as if you are part of a warm and welcoming – drama-free – community.

Visibility is offered through social media shout-outs, a listing in the member’s directory here on the website, invitations to take part in events, the chance to feature in gift guides, and Meet the Maker opportunities.


Is it a guided membership or a self-paced one?

It’s a mix!

For those of us that are time-poor – the membership resources can be worked through at your own pace and fitted into your own schedule.

For those that like a bit of a nudge to keep motivated, the membership offers mini-challenges, accountability threads, planning and review sessions, and encouragement to keep on heading in the right direction with your business.

How often can we speak to Jules, the club owner?

Every day!  Well, pretty much, health and family life-permitting.

Jules is always around, and can often be found doing a spontaneous live video chat in the members’ group, and will be posting encouragement and checking in to see what everyone is up to.  The membership is super important to her, it’s her true full-time passion – so she is actively involved every day and want to offer the best value possible to the members – even for such a small monthly fee!

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